Crazy Kids

I will never forget the day my sister told me she was going to have a baby. We were both young, and she was in love. Adam was born in July 2011; he was a chubby little thing, and cried the first time he was placed into my arms. Three years later along came baby number 2, Mason. With her boyfriend by her side throughout both pregnancies and a small rented apartment, the two were happier than a pirate that just found treasure.

Last May I was accepted into the Practical Nursing Program at Fleming College. This met that in September I would be moving in with favourite people and would get to spend every minute that I didn’t need to study with the kids!

Things got to busier than I thought between school, work, clinical, boyfriend, and family. I still somehow managed to get to spend way more time with the kids than I ever expected. We have played endless board games, made pizzas together, ice cream dates, gone for walks, and much more. I consider myself fortunate to say that I got to live, and grow closer with the two coolest kids out there; which is something I will never take for granted.

Now that the school semester is ending, I will be moving back home for the summer. I’m going to miss dying of laughter as they jump on me and the constant statement of “I’m hungry”.

Luckily for me I still need to complete one more year of Nursing, and will be headed back to Peterborough again in the fall to do it all over again!


The day of the Irish!

After visiting Ireland last summer and falling in love with the citizens and culture of the country, there is nothing more I want to do tonight than celebrate the festive holiday of drinking beer and kissing the Irish!

“There are two types of people in the world on St. Patrick’s Day, those who are Irish, and those who wished they were!”

This morning, I made sure to be up extra early in order to have all of my festive gear ready to go. Clover earrings, Guinness sweater, green food colouring, and of course even my underwear need to be bright green!

The nursing students finished class at 11, and were drinking green beer as soon as the pub opened. I had green yogurt, skittles, and even dyed my water & soup green during lunch. Tonight we go to the pub to celebrate with even more green beer and perhaps an Irish dinner.

Although we will not be celebrating quite as hard as the Irish themselves, we will still put forth a great effort towards the festive activities!

The Irish are friendly people who appreciate their country for what they have. The fields of grass are florescent green throughout due to all of the rain, it is something I will never forget seeing. They have beautiful scenery, amazing food, and awesome distilleries. If I was to live anywhere else in the world other than Canada, Ireland would be my home of choice.

I hope to one day return back to Ireland, especially if it could be on St. Patrick’s Day. Nothing is more exciting than an orange beard and an Irish accent! I would love to experience the St. Patrick’s Day parade, street decorations, and drink beer all day and night at the pub with the true Irish. There would be nothing quite like it!

Midterms Are Over!!

There is nothing quite like that nerve wrecking feeling knowing that week 6 and 7 are fast approaching in the college semester. They are by far the most stressful two weeks of school a student can go through. Upon going to class, clinical placement, and still managing to complete all of your weekly assignments, you also need to write a major test for all of your classes.

Doing well on the first tests for your courses puts you ahead of the game and takes some stress away near the end of the semester, when you are over the whole studying thing. It also helps to establish an idea as to how successful you will be in the course by the end.

During the midterm week you can feel the stress in the room. Students with pale faces, lacking sleep, wondering how difficult the tests will be, and whether or not they have studied enough. Then there are the tests that have totally different information from the study slides to what is actually on the test.

It is the most exciting when your social media starts blowing up with posts that the test results have been posted and people are comparring grades. The stress of not knowing if you did well or not is over.

Today was the last day of midterms for the practical nursing students. We had 3 of the 5 big tests in two days. Safe to say I am sick of studying and happy tomhave no worries for the next upcoming week!

Life as a Practical Nursing student

First of all, who doesn’t love getting mail (unless it’s a bill)? And secondly, who wouldn’t be excited to receive a letter from your first choice College that you have been accepted into their Practical Nursing Program.

I chose Fleming College for convenience reasons mostly. Going to Fleming met that I could keep my current job in Fenelon Falls, get cheap rent living with my sister in Peterborough, keep close distance to the boyfriend in Bobcaygeon, and potentially have clinical experiences at Ross Memorial Hospital which is my ideal place to work.

At first I thought College would be the most overwhelming experience of life. I had previously gone to school to do a PSW program, but completed it through Barrie Learning Center because it was way cheaper and was completed in a shorter amount of time than the college. Since I had not been to College before, I did not know if my marks would hold up for the mass amounts of homework and tests. To my surprise, and with lots of hard work, it is manageable to have success in classes and get good marks.

First semester was a blur. I remember days of straight studying and having troubles with time management since I was working at the same time, trying to have a social life, and spending nights at the computer with two energetic kids right above my head on the next level up. Some weeks had multiple tests in a cluster and it was tricky to not only find enough time to cram in the info, but also have the motivation to finish one test and immediately begin studying for the next.

So far the course has been a great learning experience, from clinical to textbook knowledge, I have done nothing but gain from this program. It is a lot of work, and is only about to get worse, but each night studying is one step closer to my dream of making a difference every day!

Coffee PO Q2H PRN

Upon exiting high school, I was not ready to make the ultimate decision as to what career path I wanted to travel down. It wasn’t until my best friend completed the Personal Support Worker course that I decided to follow in her footsteps and also complete the program.

Working with elders has many challenges, followed by endless rewards. There are early starts to the mornings, late nights, and extremely busy shifts. A PSW’s job in long term care is working side by side with the residents in order to ensure each one has had proper care and attention. The nurse gives report to the Personal Support Workers at the beginning of every shift so that all employees are on the same page as to what is occurring in the building. They use short forms and abbreviations in order for convenience of communication and time management when making notes. Coffee PO Q2H PRN stands for: coffee, by mouth, every two hours, as needed. Health care employees work hard and usually have long shifts with a rotation of the time of day when you will be on the floor (hence the title).

I enjoy the appreciativeness of the residents for the help we have given, and the quality time we spend with them; they always have a life lesson to teach and a story to tell. This has encouraged me to move forward with my career by expanding on my education through the Practical Nursing program at Fleming.

I look forward to gaining new experiences and being able to work with multiple ages and cultures as a practical nurse. Between the lack of sleep I’ll get from studying for my education now, working part time, and the shift rotations of my future career; coffee is much needed.