Juicy Juicing

Logging onto a computer, watching television, or even opening up a magazine while waiting in your doctor’s office, there is no escaping the latest diet trend! Throughout the health claim semester, I am going to be talking about a diet trend that is not unfamiliar to me. This is the juicing diet.

Juicing is a diet where you take fresh fruits and vegetables and put them through a special blender. This blender takes out all of the solid pieces from the food and leaves you with only the liquid left from the product. By drinking this juice, you will increase your nutrient intake without upping your calories and fat.

When I first came across the juicing diet, I was intrigued to the maximum. Why would someone not be when you are promised to lose weight the “healthy” way? And not to mention, being able to have a significant amount of a fruit and vegetable intake, that you never would be able to achieve with a regular balanced diet.

I have decided to research and discuss the juicing diet throughout this semester because it is something that I am personally interested in since I have already tried this myself. I would like to believe in the juicing diet, however I know from my own experience that it is a much harder diet than it appears to be. This makes me skeptical about how healthy it actually is for your body, since you are hungry all the time and lose all other food groups from your diet. I am excited to research more into this topic and discover whether or not it is worth giving it another shot!