Life as a Practical Nursing student

First of all, who doesn’t love getting mail (unless it’s a bill)? And secondly, who wouldn’t be excited to receive a letter from your first choice College that you have been accepted into their Practical Nursing Program.

I chose Fleming College for convenience reasons mostly. Going to Fleming met that I could keep my current job in Fenelon Falls, get cheap rent living with my sister in Peterborough, keep close distance to the boyfriend in Bobcaygeon, and potentially have clinical experiences at Ross Memorial Hospital which is my ideal place to work.

At first I thought College would be the most overwhelming experience of life. I had previously gone to school to do a PSW program, but completed it through Barrie Learning Center because it was way cheaper and was completed in a shorter amount of time than the college. Since I had not been to College before, I did not know if my marks would hold up for the mass amounts of homework and tests. To my surprise, and with lots of hard work, it is manageable to have success in classes and get good marks.

First semester was a blur. I remember days of straight studying and having troubles with time management since I was working at the same time, trying to have a social life, and spending nights at the computer with two energetic kids right above my head on the next level up. Some weeks had multiple tests in a cluster and it was tricky to not only find enough time to cram in the info, but also have the motivation to finish one test and immediately begin studying for the next.

So far the course has been a great learning experience, from clinical to textbook knowledge, I have done nothing but gain from this program. It is a lot of work, and is only about to get worse, but each night studying is one step closer to my dream of making a difference every day!

Coffee PO Q2H PRN

Upon exiting high school, I was not ready to make the ultimate decision as to what career path I wanted to travel down. It wasn’t until my best friend completed the Personal Support Worker course that I decided to follow in her footsteps and also complete the program.

Working with elders has many challenges, followed by endless rewards. There are early starts to the mornings, late nights, and extremely busy shifts. A PSW’s job in long term care is working side by side with the residents in order to ensure each one has had proper care and attention. The nurse gives report to the Personal Support Workers at the beginning of every shift so that all employees are on the same page as to what is occurring in the building. They use short forms and abbreviations in order for convenience of communication and time management when making notes. Coffee PO Q2H PRN stands for: coffee, by mouth, every two hours, as needed. Health care employees work hard and usually have long shifts with a rotation of the time of day when you will be on the floor (hence the title).

I enjoy the appreciativeness of the residents for the help we have given, and the quality time we spend with them; they always have a life lesson to teach and a story to tell. This has encouraged me to move forward with my career by expanding on my education through the Practical Nursing program at Fleming.

I look forward to gaining new experiences and being able to work with multiple ages and cultures as a practical nurse. Between the lack of sleep I’ll get from studying for my education now, working part time, and the shift rotations of my future career; coffee is much needed.